Stationary traffic and exterior

The buildings are accessible by car, which can be parked in one of the two basement parking spaces allocated to each flat. To make the use of the garage as convenient as possible, we have installed a modern car lift located next to the approach from the road. Pedestrians can access the garage from an external staircase. Each flat comes with a spacious storage room in the basement garage, where you can store bikes, skis and other large objects that you don’t wish to keep in the flat.

The area between the two buildings is a communal area that can be accessed from a stone gate, and the buildings are surrounded by private gardens. The land around the buildings is enclosed by a wooden fence. The courtyard is made up of a combination of grey slabs, wood slabs and a green patch. This is a symbolic representation of the Kranjska Gora valley, where mountains meet rivers, green pastures and forests. The water element (symbolizing a stream), which flows from the highest green point into the rock at the centre of the yard, is both visually pleasing and useful, as it generates a pleasant micro climate in the warm summer months.

The duplex apartments come with gardens that are different in size and a terrace with wood flooring accessible from the living room. The balconies above provide shelter for the terraces, and they are large enough to allow you to comfortably spend time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. The gardens are separated with partition walls and enclosed by a low fence. The envisaged surface is grass, although owners can cultivate their own gardens if they wish to do so. If you love nature and enjoy stunning views but don’t wish to spend your time cultivating a garden, you can choose one of the two apartments in the attic.