In the heart of Europe, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Basin turns into the Karst, lies a small country called Slovenia. Bordering on Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia, it is often referred to as the “sunny side of the Alps”. It covers an area measuring 20,273 km2 and has 2,056,878 inhabitants.

With such diversity concentrated in such a small area, you could go skiing in the morning at a ski resort that hosts the World Cup, go for
a leisurely walk on the Adriatic coast or treat yourself to a spa visit in the east of Slovenia in the afternoon, and then head to one of Europe’s most charming and bustling capitals to attend a cultural event in the evening.

Slovenia could be described as a country of blues and greens, as forests cover more than 60% of its surface and the abundance of fresh water puts it at the very top of European countries. The south is characterized by virgin forests, countless streams, and rivers and lakes with crystal clear water. Slovenia is one of the few countries in the world where tap water is perfectly clean and drinkable. Vineyards cover 216 km2 of the country’s surface, producing several high-quality wines that have been recognized internationally. The world’s oldest living vine, now more than 400 years old, can be found in Slovenia. Meadows and pastures add to the country’s green character, and biological farming is becoming increasingly popular in its fertile valleys.

Slovenia’s landscape is extremely diverse and encompasses a whole range of different natural and cultural attractions, such as mountains, waterfalls, lakes, streams, valleys and gorges. Karst caves are another popular desti- nation and have been declared UNESCO world heritage sites, while the coast is lined with small medieval coastal towns and the nearby salt panes. A number of mineral spring spas await those who are looking for some pampering and relaxation, while the more adventurous among you can cycle across the entire country on designated cycling routes, explore Slovenia’s wines by following the Wine Road, visit seasonal lakes and Roman ruins, go for a swim in the sea, and treat your taste buds to some truly delicious and healthy Slovenian food.