House & apartments

Each house is built in the shape of an elongated rectangle with a two- sided roof and dormers. The shape of the structure follows traditional concepts and upgrades them with modern detailing, creating a successful combination of old and new. Visually, each house consists of a ground floor with a white façade, while the first floor and the attic are covered in wood. The roof is relatively steep and allows for a very functional use of the attic space. The doors and windows are all wooden. The Siberian larch used for the façade and balconies has not been coated and is left to grey naturally, which means that it is extremely easy to maintain. The main structure is connected to the ground by dark grey stone, while the slabs in the yard reflect the lighter grey of the surrounding mountains. As a whole, the buildings and their steep roofs blend in perfectly with the mountain peaks that surround them.

Each building comprises two ground floor duplex apartments and one attic apartment. The entire complex consists of six comfortable apartments, ensuring the highest level of privacy for its residents. Each unit has its own separate entrance, a privilege usually reserved for private detached houses.

The floor plans of individual apartments were designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The central living area with an external terrace consists of a kitchen, dining room and living room all combined in one. A bathroom is situated next to the main entrance and the living area. The duplex apartments come with three bedrooms and the smaller attic apartment with two. All apartments have balconies. The attic apartment further benefits from an extremely airy interior thanks to the ceiling extending almost the entire length of the roof. The fitting of partition walls and the choice of flooring can be adjusted to meet the buyer’s requirements.

A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2
Total area (m2) 234,21 257,86 259,73 257,90 177,56 177,56
Number of rooms
Storage rooms
Parking spaces
Private garden